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Friday, February 17, 2012

Coral Calcium Health Benefits

Coral calcium is derived from the coral reefs around the world, especially off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. Marketers claim that there are numerous coral calcium health benefits, but the accuracy of these claims is debatable as there is insufficient amount of evidence to substantiate these claims.
Coral calcium certainly has some very interesting characteristics and properties, and it is very difficult to ignore the many claims that are regularly made about the health benefits of coral calcium. There are many people who advocate the use of coral calcium, and swear by the healing and preventive traits that coral calcium health benefits are said to possess.

Coral calcium health benefits were primarily advocated by Dr. Robert Barefoot, as he conducted a great amount of research on the subject. His claims are that the alkalinity of coral calcium helps the human body in many different ways, and it is a great tool for fighting off a number of diseases and illnesses that are caused in the body due to a deficiency of calcium. The maximum amount of coral calcium is obtained from the coral reefs off the coast of Okinawa, Japan, and Dr. Barefoot regularly points out the great healthiness and long lifespans of the people living in the surrounding area, as evidence of coral calcium health benefits. Also read about coral plants and animals.

What is Coral Calcium?
Coral calcium is simply layers of calcium that are derived from the coral reefs that are found on ocean floors. Since corals are relatively rare and require many centuries to grow, it is illegal to harvest the coral calcium from the coral reefs itself. Instead, the calcium is obtained from the limestone deposits that have detached themselves from the main coral reef and have risen to the surface of the water.

The primary constituent of coral calcium is calcium carbonate, and there are minute traces of other minerals like magnesium in it as well. The health benefits of calcium are well-known all across the world, and coral calcium health benefits are no different from these. It is strongly claimed though, that these supposed enhanced health benefits of coral calcium are simply exaggerated and hyped up, and that it is all just a marketing gimmick.

Coral Calcium Health Benefits
At present there is a raging debate about the health benefits that coral calcium genuinely possess. The people who propagate the use of coral calcium claim that the ratio of the trace minerals, magnesium and calcium in coral calcium is perfectly suited to the human body. They also say that coral calcium enables the body to successfully absorb other minerals that the body requires. Read more on facts about calcium.

But there is also a constantly growing school of thought that refutes these claims of the health benefits of coral calcium. They claim that all these benefits are not true, and are simply exaggerated gimmicks. This could be true as well, but let's have a further look at the so-called coral calcium health benefits.
Helps boost the immune system of the human body.
Like regular calcium, coral calcium strengthens the teeth and the bones in the body.
The balance of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals in coral calcium is perfectly suited to the requirements of the human body.
Coral calcium cleanses out the internal organs of the body like the kidneys, liver, intestines, etc. and also helps in the breaking down process of heavy metals inside the body.
Coral calcium helps regulate the pH level in the body.
Many claim that coral calcium also acts as a great form of alternative treatment and cure for many heart diseases and even works against cancer.
Increases the body's ability to heal and repair any damage suffered on the tissues.
Helps prevent around 200 diseases that are related to a deficiency of calcium in the body.
For women it is even claimed that coral calcium helps reduce the severity of PMS symptoms.

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