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Monday, May 7, 2012

Safe Houses, Comfortable Vacation

If you are planning a holiday celebrating the end of the year in a long time, things should come first is ensuring the security of home. Who abandoned his family vacation home, usually an easy target for thieves or robbers?
Despite having a housekeeper, you must remain alert to any risks that may occur. Here are tips to stay safe when left home on vacation in a long time:
1. Avoid things that can indicate that your house is empty or if you would give us clues as to leave the house empty. This is certainly able to attract the attention of thieves, and keep in mind that they usually conduct reconnaissance prior to the house that will be targeted theft.
2. If you subscribe to the newspaper, then you can ask your newsagent to not transmit during the first newspaper you are traveling for newspapers piled up on the front porch is the main thing that gives a signal to thieves that your house is empty.
3. Put sandals / shoes at the door of your house. This can give a signal when the house was occupied.
4. Make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave home.
5. Do not place valuables such as jewelry and cash in the house. It would be safer for you if when you are traveling money and jewelry you put in a bank deposit box.
6. Turn off all electronic items and unplug the plug and unplug the hose and the gas stove to prevent a short circuit that could cause a fire.
7. Leave our homes to neighbors who are we really believe in or to the police in a home environment that has become your trust as well.
8. Attach an alarm to prevent a thief can get into our house or if possible install CCTV in a hidden spot during your travel.
9. If you have a personal vehicle to be abandoned, it helps you deliver unto your closest relatives rather than leave it at home.
10. Check the water flow and cover with perfect that does not cause flooding in the house when you return home later.
11. Make sure the house is clean when you leave so you will not get tired when I got back home because they have to tidy the house a mess when you leave.
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