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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Car Pollution Facts

Car Pollution

Get some interesting car pollution facts from this article and understand the impact that is being caused on the environment by pollution.

When human life began on this planet, humans survived by adapting themselves to their environment. But as civilization grew, humans invented stuff to make life easier and more comfortable. And one of these greatest inventions was the car. It made traveling less tiring, and also cut down the duration. But there is no denial to the truth that, among the several machines built for the human race, the car has had the biggest impact on the environment. Today, we have reached a stage wherein, we do not live with what the environment provides us, but we remake it for our convenience. One of the primary pollutants emitted into the air comes from the car, and that is carbon monoxide. As reported by the American Lung Association, in the year 1998, nearly 30,000 people died due to car emission. Some deaths occurred only because of car pollution, while in some cases, pollution was a major contributor. Let us now begin with our write up on the car pollution facts, as follows...

Car Pollution Facts and Statistics
One of the most important facts about car pollution is related to the quality of air we breathe day in, day out. In urban areas, nearly 80% of air pollution is the result of the exhaust of so many vehicles, emitting different chemicals into the air. Hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are the main pollutants emitted by a car. In cities, majority of respiratory problems have car pollution as one of the offenders.
One of the interesting car pollution facts to know is, SUVs happen to pollute the air more than cars do.
Many are of the view that cars have made the world a noisy place to stay in. Studies show that about 80% of noise pollution in urban areas are said to be caused by cars. Some experts have even presented their views that the noise can be so damaging that it can affect even the structures of historic buildings, apart from causing permanent hearing damage. And not only this, high noise levels can intensify the stress levels in humans and animals. Many cases have come up wherein, it has been responsible for impairing the heart and the immune system as well. It is surprising to know that annually, thousands of people succumb to the automobile noise.
Coming to another must-know car pollution fact, it is about accidents that cars cause. Of the 10 patients getting admitted in hospital, at least one of them would be there because of a car accident. If we speak of statistics then, the year 2005 witnessed nearly 6,420,000 auto accidents in the United States. Two years before that, that is in 2003, this number was 6,325,000, and in 2002 it was 6.316,000. We aren't talking about only pollution here, but other hazards caused by cars.
No one could have imagined the relation between the invention of a car and the drastic climate change that is happening all around us. I am talking about global warming. Coming back to statistics, automobiles contribute to about 25% of the carbon emission in the world. And in the USA, it is 33%. With more number of cars hitting the streets, our Earth will get hotter and hotter with time, and climate and weather would get more unpredictable.
Continuing this session on car pollution information, we always tend to miss out one very important point which is 'the Earth has enough for our need, but not for our greed'. How many of us really ponder on the question of 'what would we do if the Earth's oil reserves go completely empty?' We would use bicycles! But is this the solution? Out of the total oil output in the world, a staggering 57% is utilized by ground vehicles. And to tell you the fact, half of this 57% is burned off in private cars. People have still not realized the importance of buying cars according to the mileage it gives. All they can see is the brand, the make, style, and not to forget luxury.
Some More Quick Car Pollution Facts for Kids
Cars along with trucks and buses, are associated with nearly 3000 cases of cancer.
In China, doctors come across 400,000 cases of respiratory illnesses annually; a major contributor being car pollution.
Speaking of electric car pollution facts, while the car may cause negligible air pollution, the electricity that is generated to recharge the car, is no less polluting than vehicles running on petrol or diesel.
And I would like to take a halt here. Hope you would take away something informative from all these car pollution facts, that this article put up for you. If you ask me about what I took away from reading them, is a question to myself "Is it better to use my car wisely now, or what it would be like to buy a bicycle later for all my traveling?"..

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