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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Robin hood - Story Photos

Robin hood - Story

Alan-a-Dale introduces the story of Robin Hood and Little John, two outlaws living in Sherwood Forest, where they rob from the rich and give to the poor townsfolk of Nottingham, despite the efforts of the Sheriff of Nottingham to stop them. Meanwhile, Prince John and his assistant Sir Hiss arrive in Nottingham on a tour of the kingdom. Knowing the royal coach is laden with riches, Robin and Little John rob Prince John by disguising themselves as fortune tellers. The embarrassed Prince John then puts a bounty on their heads and makes the Sheriff his personal tax collector, who takes pleasure in collecting funds from the townsfolk including hidden money from the crippled blacksmith Otto and a single farthing from a young rabbit, Skippy, who had just received it as a birthday present. However, Robin Hood, disguised as a beggar, sneaks in and gives back some money to the family, as well as his hat and a bow to Skippy in honor of his birthday.

Skippy and his friends test out the bow, but Skippy fires an arrow into the grounds of Maid Marian's castle. The children sneak inside, meeting Maid Marian and her attendant Lady Kluck. Maid Marian reveals she and Robin were childhood sweethearts but they have not seen one another for years. Meanwhile, Friar Tuck visits Robin and Little John, explaining that Prince John is hosting an archery tournament, and the winner will receive a kiss from Maid Marian. Robin decides to participate in the tournament disguised as a stork whilst Little John disguises himself as the Duke of Chutney to get near Prince John. Sir Hiss discovers Robin's identity but is trapped in a barrel of ale by Friar Tuck and Alan-a-Dale. Robin wins the tournament, but Prince John exposes him and has him arrested for execution despite Maid Marian's pleas. Little John threatens Prince John in order to release Robin, which leads to a fight between Prince John's soldiers and the townsfolk, all of which escape to Sherwood Forest.

As Robin and Maid Marian fall in love again, the townsfolk mock Prince John, describing him as the "Phony King of England". Enraged by the insult, Prince John triples the taxes, imprisoning most of the townsfolk who cannot pay. The Sheriff visits Friar Tuck's church to collect from the poor box, but when Friar Tuck protests, the Sheriff arrests him for high treason. Prince John plans to execute Friar Tuck, giving him the chance to capture Robin Hood when he comes to rescue Friar Tuck.

Robin and Little John sneak in, with Little John managing to free all of the prisoners whilst Robin steals Prince John's taxes, but Sir Hiss awakens to find Robin fleeing. Chaos follows as Robin and the others try to escape to Sherwood Forest. The Sheriff corners Robin after he is forced to return to rescue Tagalong. During the chase, Prince John's castle catches fire and forces a trapped Robin Hood to leap from a tower into the moat below. Little John and Skippy fear Robin is lost, but he surfaces safely after using a reed as a breathing tube, which drives Prince John into a blind rage.

Cinderella Story Photos

Cinderella Story

Once upon a time, there was a kind girl named Cinderella.
All of the animals loved her, especially two mice named Gus and Jaq. They'd do anything for the girl they called Cinderelly.

Cinderella lived with her stepmother and her two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella.They were very mean to Cinderella, making her work all day cleaning, sewing, and cooking. She tried her best to make them happy.

Cinderella's stepmother, Lady Tremaine, was cold, cruel, and jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty.She enjoyed giving Cinderella extra chores to do, such as bathing her cat, Lucifer.

One day, a messenger arrived with a special invitation. There was going to be a royal ball at the palace!

The King wanted his son to find a bride. Every young woman in the kingdom was invited—including Cinderella!

Cinderella was very excited about the ball. In the attic, she found a dress that had belonged to her mother.It was a bit old-fashioned, but Cinderella could make it beautiful!

Lady Tremaine didn't want Cinderella to go to the ball. She wanted the Prince to meet Anastasia and Drizella. Maybe he would marry one of them!

Lady Tremaine kept Cinderella busy with chores that would take her all night to finish.While Cinderella was working, the mice and birds fixed her dress. They added ribbons and beads that the two stepsisters had thrown away.

Working together, the animals turned a simple dress into a fabulous gown!

Cinderella was overjoyed when she saw the dress. Now she could go to the ball!"Oh, thank you so much!" Cinderella said to Gus, Jaq, and the birds.

When the stepsisters saw their old ribbons and beads on Cinderella's dress, they flew into a rage.They ripped the dress and pulled off the beads. Lady Tremaine didn't stop them. Cinderella's dream of going to the ball was through.

Cinderella ran away to the garden to cry. Suddenly, her fairy godmother appeared.With a wave of her wand, she turned a pumpkin into an elegant coach. Cinderella could now go to the ball, but her dress was still

uined."Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!" said the Fairy Godmother, waving her wand again. Cinderella was now wearing a beautiful gown and sparkling glass slippers.

But all of this came with a warning: When the clock struck midnight, the magic spell would wear off!

At the ball, Prince Charming couldn't take his eyes off Cinderella.The orchestra played, and the Prince began to dance with the wonderful girl whose name he still didn't know. For Cinderella, the night was a dream come true.

Before too long, the clock began to strike midnight. "Good-bye!" Cinderella said, hurrying away."Come back!" called the Prince. "I don't even know your name!" As Cinderella fled, one of her glass slippers came off.

The Prince sent the Grand Duke to find the girl who fit the glass slipper. Lady Tremaine locked Cinderella in the attic, but Cinderella's mouse friends freed her.

Then Lady Tremaine tripped the Grand Duke, and the glass slipper shattered . . . but Cinderella had the other in her pocket. And it fit!

Cinderella and the Prince were soon married. Everyone rejoiced, including Cinderella's mouse friends, who wore special outfits to the wedding.

Filled with joy, Prince Charming and Cinderella lived happily ever after.

Friday, May 8, 2015

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Monday, April 20, 2015

david backham

Beckham, Giggs to play at Olympics: report

London: New Team GB coach Stuart Pearce is set to include both Ryan Giggs and David Beckham in his squad for next summer's Olympic Games in London, according to reports.
Former Manchester United star Beckham, 36, is set to link up with his old teammate Giggs as two of three players permitted to be in the squad above the age of 23.
The midfielder’s contract with LA Galaxy is set to expire next summer, and a host of clubs are rumoured to be interested in his signature, including Paris Saint-Germain and Queens Park Rangers.
It seems that the former England captain will get the chance to impress potential suitors by donning the Team GB shirt in London next summer.
Since Pearce's appointment as coach earlier this week, Britain's entry in to Olympic football next summer has caused something of a stir amongst top-flight clubs, including Manchester United and Arsenal.
Both Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have voiced their concerns over allowing players to play in both the Olympic Games and Euro 2012, which would leave almost no time for a summer break for the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones.
However, Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp gave Pearce some much-needed backing this week, claiming that he would not prevent any member of his squad from taking part if they wished.
He told Mirror Football: "I wouldn’t stand in the way of any player that wanted to participate in the Olympics.
"It's a great event to take part in and an honour to represent your country.
"More so because the games are being held in London. If Gareth Bale wants to play in the GB Olympic team who am I to deny him that?
"I accept that some of the players playing in the European Championship finals might have a problem so I can see the argument from some managers against their players taking part.
"But it’s such a one off event. I think you have to hope the player is sensible and take into account the physical demands being put on them. But I couldn't categorically sit here and say I wouldn't allow them to play. That’s not right."

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Tanjore-style painting of Ganesha

Satellite Photo of Europe and Africa at Night


Looking at nature from different perspectives can create stunning compositions for your photographs.
This couldn’t be more true than when we look at our planet from outer space and appreciate the reality of its beauty from such an incredible and rarely seen perspective.
The images in this compilation are from the Landsat 7 satellite and were created to introduce the general public to the Landsat Program.
Various combinations of the eight Landsat 7 spectral bands were selected to create the vivid RGB composites that we have featured.

Salvador - Pelourinho

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