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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Travertine Pools at Pamukkale in Turkey

It’s a far cry from the stereotypical landscapes of clear blue lakes, rolling green hills, and white-sand beaches that inspire most travelers—and that’s part of what makes strange natural wonders like Spotted Lake so thrilling. A recently discovered cave that grows crystals the size of four-story buildings or a lake the color of a strawberry milkshake remind us that there’s plenty of mystery left to explore.

Friend at FaceBook

11 Awkward Moments on FaceBook is Just Getting Weird
A friend: “isn’t that what they put on small things”? Give that friend a medal!

Obsessed Girlfriend on Facebook

11 Awkward Moments on FaceBook is Just Getting Weird
Through our Facebook feed, we keep in touch with the pulse of culture, depend on you how you use this?

#7 Public Embarrassment

11 Awkward Moments on FaceBook is Just Getting Weird
Facebook is kinda like school for some who apparently didn’t go to school.

#1 Doing Homework?

11 Awkward Moments on FaceBook is Just Getting Weird
She’s at the school’s library for goodness sake, this is what they do there now. Nope.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

London Fashion Week just had its first ever plus-sized fashion show! 2014

Evans just became the first plus-sized brand to showcase at London Fashion Week ever. And it was great!

While fashion critics remained divided over that collection -- some suggested the designs attempted to merely conceal the curves -- the Evans collection seems to have received an almost unanimous applause.

The show featured stunning designs that made a statement.The Design Collective for Evans brings together designs international designers -- Hema Kaul, Giles Deacon, Clements Ribeiro, Lulu Liu, Jamie Wei Huang and Vita Gottlieb.

Defying conventional wisdom of what 'works' and what doesn't on plus-sized people, the line seemed less keen on hiding the curves and more on celebrating them.A conventional evening gown that accentuates your curves rather than hides them? Check!

No doubt then we would love to see them in the next issue of Vogue… and who knows someday on its cover too?

Photographs: John Phillips/Getty Images

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hilary Swank at 40: sexy 40-something stars

  • The Million Dollar Baby actress is 40 - she's not the only star that looks fabulous in her 40s
  • To celebrate Hilary Swank's 40th birthday, take a peek at the most beautiful female stars over 40, all of whom have aged like fine wine.
  • Whether it's down to good genes, religious beauty regimes or a well-kept secret, these Tinseltown beauties look just as good, if not better, than the new crop of starlets half their age...
  • How can Jennifer Lopez look this good at 45? The sexy superstar is aging backwards.
  • Halle Berry is the very definition of a babe. At 47, she looks better than ever.

Young Hollywood couples-Could Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult be the latest young Hollywood couple?

He's only just split from on-off girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, but it seems that Nicholas Hoult may have already found another superstar girlfriend.

The X-Men: Days of Future Past actor has been linked to Kristen Stewart, his co-star in new movie Equals.

Nicholas and Kristen, who split from her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson last year, play on-screen lovers in the futuristic drama.

The pair, who are both 24, were spotted dining together at a sushi restaurant shortly after news broke that Nicholas and Jennifer had split once again.

  • If Kristen and Nicholas are an item, they'll join a long line of hot young couples.
  • Emma Stone, 25, and Andrew Garfield, 30, have been one of the hottest young Hollywood couples since they hooked up on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2011.
  • Actor Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, has been linked to fellow teen, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian's half sister, for the past year. However the pair have always insisted that their relationship is purely platonic. 'She's one of my best friends,' Jaden has said. 'It's pretty awesome.'
  • Emma Roberts, 23, has been dating her American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters, 27, since 2010. While the pair have been plagued by split rumours due to some very public bust-ups, they are still going strong and are rumoured to be engaged.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Football fans 2014 on the Earth

The most popular game on the planet inevitably has the most loyal fan following. In football, the fans are often referred to as the 12th man. For the fans, footballers are like rock-stars and their voice is what lifts the superstars on the field. The most passionate supporters of the game truly come to life during the World Cup, the biggest sporting event on the planet. These fans add colour and energy to the event and turn it into a breathtaking spectacle. We turn our attention to the most beautiful fans of this beautiful game

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